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AGDM Society
Advisors of AGDM are spiritual leaders who oversee the overall direction and growth of the ministry. Advisors assist with seeing that the mission and the vision of the founder are carried out and act as spiritual guides and intercessors for the ministry and the entire AGDM Society.

Associates of AGDM are those who make up the leadership team. They can manage things from the ministries overall operations to being outreach coordinators, marketing managers or Ambassador Team leaders. Associates are the direct support of the overall ministry operations.

Partners of AGDM are ministers who serve as resources for the youth and young adults connected to the ministry. Partners have established ministries and connect with AGDM to help fulfill the common purpose of growing the hope and faith of our youth and young adult generations.

Ambassadors to AGDM are leaders of the youth and young adult ministries of the various churches connected with AGDM. Ambassadors are charged with being the primary contact between their church ministry and AGDM. Youth and Young Adult attendance at all AGDM functions are coordinated by the Ambassadors.